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In this guide, you'll find useful vocabulary and phrases for working in a French environment.


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Your generous financial contribution to Paris College of Art supports our mission to provide the highest international standard of art and design education taught within an American pedagogical paradigm, while being influenced and informed by our French and European environment.

If you work for or own a company in France giving back to your alma mater couldn't be easier: through the Taxe d'Apprentissage program your company can ascribe all or a portion of their mandatory tax be spent to support Paris College of Art. For those outside of France, donations can be made directly to the school.
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Career Services for Alumni

Paris College of Art offers extensive career development services and resources for alumni:
  • Professional development workshops including resume building and cover letter writing sessions;
  • Invitations to guest lectures by renowned designers, entrepreneurs, alumni, and artists as well as exclusive alumni events;
  • Coaching on interview techniques and the crucial differences between the American and European approach;
  • Connecting alumni mentors with undergrads: we value your creativity, professional accomplishments and unique capacity to serve as outstanding mentors for Paris College of Art students.